Thursday, October 05, 2006

A quote instead of photos

Wanted to make a quick attempt at posting something from doodle cloths this evening but was curtailed by the low battery light coming on. A few pictures--postable? No!

Thought I post this quote instead. I've been thinking about it for a day or two now and how it may apply to needlework. It's from Itten's The Elements of Color p 18: If color is the chief vehicle of expression, composition must begin with color areas, and these will determine the lines. He who first draws lines and then adds color will never succeed in producing a clear, intense color effect. Colors have dimensions and directionality of their own, and dilineate areas in their own way.

I'm amazed by the immensity of the if clause. Do I concur? This man seems to have been marked by diligent study of color and impressed by it from youth.



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