Monday, October 16, 2006

Border variations

Sorry, that I used the peach backstitch, but had lots of fun with this.

Working left to right I started out with 4-over-4 cross stitches staggering over 2 and up (or down) 4 for the next cross stitch and switching directions every fourth stitch (counting that fourth stitch as the first stitch of the next group, too). I then worked 2-over-2 upright stitches to outline around the 4-over-4 stitches. Partial eyelets were then worked from bottom point of each upright cross stitch to the center point even with or deeper than or the height or depth of the embroidered points.

And around one of the eyelet centers I wrapped the thread under the eyelet rays and fasted the wrap down two threads from the eyelet's center. Why? For 3-D effect and I'm a little crazy with experimenting. I did try wrapping with out the lower fastening point but I didn't like it as well. And then half way through I dumped the center 4-over-4 center cross stitches. I wanted to do something different. Well, "different" does not of necessity equate to "better". I hate the peach. Another color or white just for texture might have worked. And perhaps 1-over-1 cross stitches in white instead of backstitches. Thread play, yes! I love it.

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