Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rice stitch

Rice stitches are a favorite for me. I like the queen stitch and the satin stitch, too. Is there a stitch I don't like? Yes, the one's I haven't worked with until I've understood their beauty and usefulness. Oh, yes, and then there are the ones I failed to learned how to execute successfully. The french knot and the dove's eye immediately spring to mind. They are beautiful, I see their usefulness, but I don't like them. They give me fits when I do use them and I tend to avoid them as much as possible. I did this sampler as I first began to understand and work with the rice stitch. Darlene O'Steen's book The Proper Stitch helped me. She encouraged stitchers to try a different weight or color of thread for parts of the stitch once the basics were learned.

I am excited that this book is being republished and expanded. I'm sure it may be a help to so many stitchers who haven't a copy of the previous edition.



Blogger Chloe said...

Oooh - just found this via the joggles forum - very nice. :) Love some of your borders.

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