Sunday, October 22, 2006

A simple cross-stitch border

It surprised me that these few simple cross-stitches would make a border. I'm playing with two colors here again--just not in the same stitch. Everything is pretty self-explanatory just by looking at the picture. But if you wonder what I did and prefer words this is my best attempt.

I used 2-over-2 cross stitches throughout. For the light peach curved line there are 3 cross stitches sitting next to each other at the high and low part of the curves. To go down (up) work 4 more cross stitches each one set one thread down (up) from the last stitch. Then start the 3 even stitches for the bottom (top) of the curve to set one thread down (up) from the last of the 4 staggerd stitches. The middle orange cross stitch is 3 threads directly under (above) the center of the group of 3 stitches on the upper (lower) curve. The other two orange cross stitches are worked 1 thread over and 1 thread up (down) from the middle stitch, one on each side. Note: ignore what is in parenthesis until doing the other portion of the curve.

I didn't turn a corner on this trial border but I liked the curve both vertically and horizontally and it looks like it would be easy to turn a corner gracefully.

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