Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A border and half a border

Well, these were again very simply stitched borders. The top is the full border and below the half, exactly the same except for losing an edge. These look good vertically, too. In fact, I flipped the lower one around from being a vertical border. Truly, both use same thread and are on the same ground; the difference a .jpg image above and a .png image below. Yes, it made me stop and think. Perhaps .jpg is not the best type of file for my needlework after all.

I love playing with borders. I don't always keep them along the edge of a design, however. I've made a few designs out of borders only. No, nothing as fancy and as beautiful as some of the Spanish samplers or laced ribbon samplers that I've seen. What I enjoy is the repetition and rhythm of a border. I find them very relaxing to stitch. That makes me ready for the challenge of turning the corners! I haven't figured out just how to show the corner treatments using the software I have, but I aim to learn more soon.



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