Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My favorite thread is Au Ver a Soie 100/3. It's showing up in a lot of these pictures. This thread doesn't do everything I would like, but most everything! Some stitches might require a floss then usually I resort to Needlepoint Silk. Then DMC Perle cotton 12 and 8, I don't usually use 5 although I've some in my stash for special projects. I love Gloriana's overdyed threads because of the Luminescence which uses a 100/3 thread. And, of course, to me her colors look wonderful. Oh dear, I just remember seeing a new one on the last visit to my LNS. I have to return soon and check that out.

The above rounds out what I use day in and day out except for some special projects. Do you have any recommendations? Why do you use the threads you do? I'd be interested in knowing. Perhaps I'm just in a rut. Or I'm ignorant of what might do a better job.



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