Monday, October 30, 2006

I spy a design

Design everywhere!? My design class assignment open up my eyes to see designs all around me. I found a beautiful design on the front doors of a retirement home where an older friend of mine lives. There was a border design on my post office box. My awareness of surroundings has been increased with this "I spy a design" outlook. Not only is nature full of design but man-made goods as well. Perhaps I'd shut down my awareness by being functionally oriented. Do this and what is the next step? Oh, yes this is next... Then along came my teacher's challenge to find designs--photograph them or sketch them and adapt them for needlework. And then if not adaptable, use them as a starting point for your own designs. Give proper credit. I made a childhood game out of it. Open up a magazine to read, do I spy a design? Going out on an errand, where is a great design? Review them; what was the best design I spied today? It has given me tons of stuff to mull over while sorting out a few of the very best to work with intensively. I've been enriched by a simple change in outlook. I want to keep this game going, despite a finished class assignment.



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