Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Making holes

Much to my distress, I am leaving needle holes in this felt. If anyone stopping by has knowledge of this subject and would kindly post an answer, I would appreciate it along with any other tips you might have. I'm wondering 1. if I bought the wrong kind of felt and if so what do I need instead? 2. how do I avoid making the holes besides not changing my mind and parking threads outside of the design area? 3. is it possible to reduce or smooth the hole after it's made? I used a 26 tapestry needle and a thread about equal to a Perle 8. The 22 inch bolt said wool felt. But it looks very different than the wool felt that my LNS had. However, they(LNS) did not have any light neutral color that would work with the threads I had. Therefore, I went off to the craft store, where they were very nice but had no idea how to answer my most basic questions. The thread is actually a very nice purple and the felt is antique white even if the picture didn't capture this. This is some attempt at suggestions SharonB made for the rice stitch and the rest is just testing the material with a variety of stitches.

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Anonymous Beth Robinson said...

#2 sounds like a good idea ... it's what I do when I stitch on paper and gessoed canvas, which also don't heal well.

Another possibility is you could try a felting needle. I've done a bit of needle-felting for fun and it's possible that you could use one to close up the hole by re-felting that area slightly. But it might also change the texture. I've never tried it and don't have wool felt at the moment.

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