Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More of from Queen Stitch Sampler

I decided to post a bit more from the queen stitch sampler. I just picked out some of the small olive green borders. These were so fascinating to me as I stitched them. Just look for the fly stitch and you will see how they are put together by deleting parts of the queen stitch, changing the size or angling and/or changing the position of the tie down stitch.

I've been busy stitching other things and have done some more work done on the 4th week of SharonB's class. I conquered the crested chain stitch from lesson 3 last night. Not ready to photograph yet. My design class has been taking up my thoughts the last few days. Thankfully, I've made some progress there. Some of my favorite things to do, too! Playing with geometric, natural and man-made grids for patterns. I want to linger over these spots and bypass others. But I have a good teacher who won't let me slide. And as we all know by experience some of the things we dread the most to do become, in time, old favorites. I think I might be saying that about the crested chain some time next year.

Is anyone else thinking about goals for next year? One capital purchase for me is a scanner! I'm so tired of fooling around with photos when often a scanner would take care of the job quickly. Of course, I must conquer the camera for many other reasons. Unfortunately, not everything can be put under the cover of the scanner! In the meantime being without a scanner is forcing me to take tons more pictures and that can't be a bad thing. Eventually, I will learn.

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Blogger elizabethdee said...

thank you for the photos -- your queen stitches fascinate me very much and i love looking at them.

12:54 PM  

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