Thursday, November 16, 2006

Work in progress for SharonB's PSL lesson 2

Had a bit of time to work on the second page for lesson 2 last night. I ripped out one of the three remaining rayon points and basically started over again on this. Looking it over this morning, I think I still need to rip out a lot more and stitch a lot more of something into this. I still want to go back and embellish the picture of the swing in the tree from week 1 with the butterflies Sharon showed us in lesson 2. And now lesson 3 is here! Special thanks again to Shay for the threads and her post on lesson 3 that is encouraging me to press on.
This special six weeks of time is flying by and I'm barely scratching the surface of what Sharon's provides. I've just finished touring all the beautiful work that has been posted by classmates. It is so inspiring!



Blogger Jo in NZ said...

I wouldn't frog it Elizabth, add to it. Try filling the gaps with woven wheels, maybe random fly stitch or detatched chain, french knots. I think we can learn just as much from things we are not happy with. Run with it for a bit more. Add some lines from lesson three.

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