Thursday, November 09, 2006

More on the feather stitch

Here are some more experiments with the feather stitch. I did a few rows with two colors because one of my goals for this year is to test using two differing threads within one stitch. I don't care how they differ--color, texture, size--but that they differ is important to me.

In the last image the contrast is not showing up well. On that line I wrapped a darker peach thread around the outside portion of the feather stitch on both sides. If you're wondering about the blue stitching, I stitched one row over another. I like the nest it makes, I need to try putting a bead or French knot inside. I'm not sure if I will end up liking it or not. I could always weave a ribbon or thick thread through it-- in or out of the openings or entirely behind it. I love alternatives!

The sixth design class lesson was in at the post office last night. My work is cut out for me! I've been busy with it this morning. But last night I got some work done on the chained bars -- the last stitch I set for myself to do in lesson 1 with SharonB. I just haven't had time to snap a picture. And I've got a few more experiments with the feather stitch yet to take, too! I'm so funny! I can hardly wait to download lesson 2 and yet I'm still lingering over lesson 1. For me learning takes time. I want to hurry on but I need patience with myself so that I have time to think and consider. Reading Sharon's notes helps me to do just that. And while I'm stitching I have time to relax and reflect on what I've been learning.

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