Monday, November 06, 2006

More from SharonB's class week 1

I've finished two stitches in the first lesson of SharonB's class and am onto the third. No pictures yet on the third. I'm not doing good on that at all. The stitches aren't forming correctly with some of my threads. I think I'm going to ripping out and re-stitch, but then again maybe I should leave it as a reminder to myself. Since the sixth design lesson is not in yet, I'm planning to make some progress by tomorrow.

Sharon throws out so many variations for each stitch! I love all the alternatives. And I'm seeing so many great pieces from other class members. It is inspiring to look around.

The stem stitch is basically the same as the one posted the other day. I've just used some finer threads and in one tiny section tried beading the twists. I'm not especially pleased or displease with the attempt. In case you're wondering why the crazy line angles. I did a picture of a tree with a swing in one of the branches. The beaded section of the stem stitch is the seat of the swing. You can probably guess the rest. The scattered beads are just my attempt to indicate flowers in the field and break up the blue lines a bit. As you can see I still don't understand much at all about sizing these pictures.

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Blogger Jo in NZ said...

Elizabeth, your stitch variations are just great. No-one can accuse you of not exploring the stitch!!!
Your knotted stem stitch is also lovely to see, I'm afraid mine has been frogged, it was no good at all.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Nancilyn said...

Oh, it's looking wonderful. Love the colors. I absolutely love your diagonal posts and how you worked them. That's inspiring! Last night I started another piece and played some more with the posts in
combinations of tall and short.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Meret said...

Elizabeth, your stitches are great! would like to do such stitches too.
Wonderful and thanks for the new inspirations!
Hugs from Swiss Miss Meret

12:36 PM  

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