Saturday, November 04, 2006

The beginning of SharonB's class

I'd rather have a needle and thread in my hand and 'draw' on fabric than have a pen or pencil with paper. I have been like a kid on vacation with my next design lesson not in and time to work on SharonB's first lesson. I can totally relax and play. Her instructions and pictures are wonderful. And what inspiration from all the other stitchers in the class!

Naturally, even when I having fun I'm thinking about how it is turning out. For instance in the last picture. I think I would have been happier if have separated both the top and bottom line of running stitches by two threads each from the middle three. One thread of separation didn't give me the look I wanted. Then too, I wish had used bugle beads or stacked seed beads for the lines I wanted on top of the peach columns. And speaking of columns now I have some totally new ideas. I also got a wonderful idea about lacing from seeing Shay's work in the class. Two things now to implement and two and a half stitches to explore before Thursday.

I'm making book pages with stitch names for titles. Some one in the forum suggested the nun stitch for finishing edges. My "thank you" to that person, a great idea.

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