Saturday, November 04, 2006

A flower or two

Still can't do anything with new images from my design class. I'm giving up hunting and am on my way to the store tomorrow for a gizmo that connects the card from my camera to the computer! These are a couple of flower borders. The top one is very straight forward but the bottom more fluid and delicate. Looking back, I laugh at myself for putting them both in the same band sampler. Now, if they were in a small stitched piece where the contrast could be used on one side as compared to the other, I might be happier.

I'm having so much fun with SharonB's on-line class about a stitch library. I learned a new stitch and played with it. I had to leave it to begin to work with the second one before I explored even half of all the suggestions Sharon was throwing out. I decided on four stitches I want to learn this week so I have to pace myself to get through them all. Her website 'in a minute ago' is worth checking and the blog, too--daily. Sorry, I don't exactly know the procedure for giving you a link there if you don't already have it.



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