Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A corner

Starting a new year is like turning a corner.

Here is a corner from one of the recent designs.

I've been thinking of how to combine exploring the stitch that SharonB is putting out every week with a design piece. It amazes me what can be done with one stitch and how it lends itself to use in designs. While I'm stitching away on the nuts and bolts of finding out what the herringbone stitch can do (SharonB's stitch for week 1 of the challenge). I've been thinking about how to be as diligent in design work.

My biggest need is to realize I must do the hard work of laying out the design and playing with it. The more I get away from the merely decorative work, the more I see my need to plan before stitching. My design teacher keeps saying that. I can see for myself the difficulties I run into! And yet some how I want to skipping over these vital steps and start stitching immediately. I'm going to work on turning this corner!


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