Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Year in Review "Done"

Please note: Updated information about my participation in SharonB's 2007 TSTC and future of this blog on a post below

I've been thinking over this year to take stock and re-aim for the new year. This is a basic list of what got "done" without comments to compare the outcomes to the expectations. I'm evaluating that, but privately! And I might be far wise to have kept this part private, too. This list is neither in order accomplished nor order of importance.

I got a first website up, started two blogs, released five new designs and re-released a previous one. Bought a camera and obtained Photo Elements and a couple of other photo editing software programs. Bought a printer for covers and switched to XP (still a disaster!). Took a design class, SharonB's Personal Library of Stitches class and a photography class. Developed three new designs for release and have some other work in various stages for release. Started idea books (visual journals). Experienced some freedom in working "off the grid". Tried stitching on fabric other than evenweave linen. Started stitching with threads other than silk floss, 100/3 and Perle cotton. Obtained and read a few useful books relating to stitching, design and websites. Read more books through the library. Obtained more books, not read, but ready to tackle next year. Bought and lost a few more pairs of scissors!

I want to do two more things in evaluating and re-aiming 1. look at what I learned and need to learn 2. evaluate if goals are realistic and consistant with my end purposes.


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