Saturday, December 09, 2006

The last edge on felt

More experiments in spare moments with the inside out chevron (lower) and the twisted flies, cable chain and feather stitches (upper). I'm going crazy stitching on transparent layers to finish one of last my design class pieces. Definitely off grid work! Perhaps it's fortunate I've been exploring that a bit in SharonB's class.

It's funny how these two classes have worked together to stretch me. I wanted to only do counted thread work on 36- to 40-count linen when I started the design class in mid-January. Now here I am at mid-December and have had to experiment with different fabrics and threads in spite of all my initial intentions to the contrary.

I'm hoping next year will be a good solid year of growth with some of these concepts I've learned and need so much more practice with in my designs. The only new learning challenges planned for next year are color and shape. I want to join in on SharonB's Take a Stitch Tuesday and keep up with the group of people in the PLS class after the close of the Joggles' forum this coming Wednesday.

I've been going through my projects underway. I have so many in various stages of progress that I should finish off the old ones and never start a new one until mid-June. I'm going to try sticking my new designs into a visual journal. I want to see if that will help prevent stitching on anything new until then. I have two ideas that are just eating away at me. One is an abstract that needs colors and stitches determined. The other is a dragon. Of course, the dragon is an abstraction, too, but very recognizable. Thankfully, all my plans for this next year are as last year's, subject to God's providence.

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