Thursday, December 07, 2006

More on felt from Lesson 5

Below is some more play with rice stitches in the beaded areas. And my best efforts to implement some SharonB's tips about them. In the rest of the piece I'm sure my classmates will pick out other elements from lesson 5. Thanks to the good advice I've been getting I'm off to the store to recheck the fabric and purchase some other needles to try. Many thanks to everyone who was so willing to help me.

I've almost finished reading the amazing lesson 6. I'm looking forward to beginning the stitching. What a great opportunity SharonB has provide for us to learn. I would highly recommend this class whenever she offers it again. The class link should provide a good overview of the course as well as other links for information about it. I thought this class and Sharon's teaching style allows any stitcher to start where they are and go as far as they can. I don't see how anyone could exhaust all the material provided in the six weeks. I plan to be returning to it time and time again. The elements on design that Sharon provided in addition to the stitches is a great plus. I found it augmenting the design course I am taking concurrently.

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