Tuesday, December 12, 2006

SharonB's 2007 challenge

Saturday I referred to SharonB's Take a Stitch Tuesday 2007 challenge. It is an interesting challenge and the link explains it much better than I. Each week the group will explore a new stitch that Sharon presents. Please check it out and see if it would interest you.

I'm looking forward to it because of the opportunity to gain skill and inspiration from Sharon and the others involved as well as the fun exploring myself. The other great thing is that it is a flexible format and fits each persons skill level and special interest in embroidery. I find myself learning so much from people who are not involved in my particular niche. It gives me another perspective and draws me out of my "rut" thinking.

The picture above is part of my collage made with transparent and opaque materials. So many of the details of the sky just don't show up in the photo. I don't know if I'll try to post any more of it to the blog or not. It is either a case of seeing it in person or having a better photographer!



Blogger Sharon said...

Thanks for pointing to Take a stitch Tuesdays - I appreciate it - I am hoping everyone will have fun

10:22 PM  

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