Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Queen stitch fill-in

I wanted to get back to this queen stitch learning sampler. Here are a few more ideas from it. I think these can work well as borders or fills. I haven't exhausted this sampler, but the rest I'm saving until I see what ends up happening with this piece.

This year I explored the straight stitches and had so much fun with the working with various ideas. I've put together two pieces using them. And even with such a plain stitch found it so exciting. My limitation was that the stitches could not cross, I could use no tie down, but I could put the stitches at any angle. Perhaps in some peoples mind that's too much flexibility. However it allowed for endless possibilities and many experiments.

Because of SharonB's 2007 stitch challenge(see post below for information on the challenge). I'm not starting off the year with any one certain stitch in mind to explore. The one stitch that I'd been toying with before the challenge idea came up was the woven stitch. I've done a bit of work with them in several pieces and on my trial cloths. So you may see some of them showing up in the blog soon.

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