Thursday, December 21, 2006

Trials again for photos

I have been reading and checking a lot of things on this new photo album that is somehow now connected with Blogger. I just thought I'd try and re-check whether it will load my photos. Some of the help material sounds like I should be able to upload pictures from my desk top but then again its hard to tell if that material is still in effect. If this doesn't work then I think I will be looking about for another host for my photos and/or a new company for my blog unless I can understand what this new agreement is requiring to my satisfaction. I've got quite a few options to explore. I'm thankful for some of the time off during the holidays to concentrate on it. Post will definitely be spotty until I have it figured out.

No, they won't take my pictures. I will be back up and on track before the first either here or else where. I'm going to try one more test before I close my post and see if I can upload a picture from my website. No, it won't do that either. Either it doesn't realize its me trying to upload my own pictures or (and I think more likely from the message I got) it still wants me to sign a new agreement.


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