Friday, February 23, 2007

Focal point

This piece is progressing. The focal point is an abstract dove with a olive branch. It's my visual expression of a late night conversation about history with with my mom this past autumn. I'm still working on getting the right threads for some portions of this. But the worst is ahead as I must then cope with the mat or fabric which will be the same color as the red thread and run an eighth to quarter inch from the irregular black outline. Sometimes, I think I will never have it "finished". But I want to work with my best effort on it even though I have some disappointments in it already. I have to confess that I have a good laugh over my efforts to finish what is flawed.

Why do I keep working on it?
1. I want to capture the concept to the best of my abilities
2. There is a desire to convey that concept to others through the finished piece
3. I learn from my mistakes
4. It's good discipline for my character
5. It may overall turn out better than I presently think
6. I will never have any piece to finish if I wait for one that is flawless


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